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Dr. Rajneesh Bahl


Dear students, First of all I wish you a very successful and bright academic year ahead. I also pray to mother Goddess Saraswati for her blessings and to lead you on the path of success, glory, knowledge, and light. The college, though established in 2018 and is in its infancy, has proved a boon for the students of this rural area who would otherwise not have been sent to the far away city or town colleges for higher education. With the motto of “Education shapes your life”, the college believes in providing quality education along with an over-all development of their personality. The dedicated and learned teachers are the pure gems in the fields of learning and knowledge. They always encourage the students to engage themselves in creative and constructive efforts. Student-life is the formative period of life, the most appropriate time to mould one’s personality. Being the future of our country, you should have enthusiasm, confidence and a set aim in your life. There is no short cut to success. Realise the importance of every second of your time. Equip yourself with the proper knowledge of digitalization as online teaching has become an integral component of education. Presently our life has been disturbed because of COVID-19: an unknown and unseen enemy .The time is not far off when life will be normal. Always remember that every dark night gives place to a bright and pleasant day. The aim of every student should be to go beyond academics. Join NSS/ Sports/ Cultural activities for your overall development. Be eco-friendly and avoid littering waste papers, bottles etc. here and there. Always remember that a disciplined and diligent person is an asset to the society and fetches respect and success everywhere. In the end, I would like you to remember Swami Vivekanand’s words “Arise, awake and stop not till your goal is achieved.” With best wishes, Dr. Rajneesh Bahl Principal Govt. College for Girls Ugalan Dist.Hisar